08.06.2021: According to IDC international experts, digital maturity of Almaty as a ‘smart city’ has grown from ‘opportunistic’ to ‘repeatable’

International Data Corporation (IDC) assessed maturity of Almaty as a ‘smart city’ in accordance with its own methodology. IDC methodology includes 19 criteria in 5 dimensions: (1) Vision; (2) Culture; (3) Processes; (4) Technology; (5) Data. The final score is calculated as the arithmetic mean for each criterion and varies from 0 to 5.

According to assessment results, in 2021 Almaty obtained 2.7 points out of 5 possible. Compared to 2017, the city has significantly improved, moving from ‘Opportunistic’ to ‘Repeatable’ level

This is due to the following factors:

  1. Institutional strengthening. In 2019 Almaty city hall created Department of Digitalization, headed by Chief Digital Officer with direct subordination to Almaty Mayor. Principles of project management have been introduced as well. 
  2. Deployment of smart infrastructure projects. ‘Smart’ projects are being implemented in almost all areas of city life. Special attention is paid to traffic management, public safety, education, healthcare, prevention of pandemic spread. For example, implementation of ‘Sergek’ (videosurveillance) project has reduced number of road accidents and road deaths. ‘Smart traffic lights’ will allow increase of average traffic speed by 15-20%. Introduction of big data and artificial intelligence made possible to monitor objects of mass accumulation.
  3. Improved corporate governance processes and engaging city residents in decision-making. Management solutions based on data governance are being applied, channels of interaction with residents have been created. Civic engagement tools such as ‘participation budget’ have been introduced, when city residents themselves determine projects to be financed from city budget.
  4. Almaty has the highest level of digital and computer literacy of its residents. More than 90% of services are provided in electronic format. It also demonstrates the city's commitment to ‘smart city’ principles.

Comparing to leading cities of the world, Almaty is on average level. The highest level (5.0) has not been reached by any city yet. In Asian region, Singapore approaches 5.0 level, Seoul, Dubai and Yokohama also demonstrate high results. In Europe - London heads up (level 4), followed by Amsterdam and Barcelona. In CIS region, Moscow is leading (between levels 3 and 4).

«Almaty is one of the leading cities in the CIS and Eastern Europe region, ahead of Budapest, Tashkent and Baku»

Andrew Beklemishev, vice-president of IDC