10 April 2020: launch of a portal to enter data to get permits for moving around the city

A portal infoalmaty.kz allows Almaty organizations enter their data in order to obtain permits for moving around the city. A dual confirmation system is designed to avoid falsification and violation of the quarantine regime. In the first stage, a Manager of an organizationenters data on the organization, its employees and vehicles - under the Manager’s digital signature. In the second stage, the system checks whether the requested data matches permitted types of economic activities and issues a permit or rejects the application.

Due to this approach, data on 20.5 thousand of Almaty organizations was updated in a short time, including 9.7 thousand of LLPs and 6.3 thousand of individual entrepreneurs. The portal was developed in cooperation with National Chamber of Entrepreneurs ‘Atameken’ and Uchet.KZ.