12 January 2021: Over 46,000 hours of professional training Almaty residents received on coursera.org

In the second half of 2020, a special project of Almaty city Department of Digitalization and Employment Center of Almaty helped residents and other Kazakhstan’s citizens to access free of charge all courses on educational platform coursera.org.

More than 2100 Coursera certificates received Kazakhstanis upon successful completion of their courses from world leading universities as Stanford, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Michigan, and Peking Universities.

From ten to 18 practical tasks in each course were completed by students in Data Analysis, Data Management, Computer Architecture, Statistical Programming, Computer Programming, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Probability & Statistics, Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, Security Engineering, Operating Systems.


Each practical task is not only tests on the material passed, but also laboratory work in specially prepared virtual environments using programming languages and real data sets.

There are feedbacks from our students on the completed courses (style and grammar of authors are preserved):

“I really like everything and thank you for such a great opportunity to get new knowledge and a new profession! First, I took the course "Crush course of Data Science". Then I also passed the specialization "Python for everyone", which includes 5 courses. Also, I have now completed the first of four courses of specialization "Django for everyone".

I worked in the field of IT, and was engaged in writing technical documentation and always wanted to improve my level of knowledge and retrain as a developer. Now it's real. Once again, let me express my gratitude for such a wonderful opportunity!”

Lyazat Sh.

“The excellent one! Just one you have to go through - and then start practicing new knowledge. Excellent way of filtering and extracting the most valuable data into short guideline on understanding and applying that knowledge.” (Agile и Scrum)

Azamat D.

“Wonderful course, very glad that it was available in Coursera! Many thanks to the teachers of the course, the material and presentation were at a high level. Mastering the material is very comfortable. I want to continue to pump further. I hope that I will join Agile evangelists from other countries.” (Agile и Scrum)

Sayat К.

“Everything is just gorgeous. I am very grateful to you for this opportunity. I took the course introduction to numerical methods from HSE, and now I am studying Amazon web services) Everything is gorgeous.”

Adil R.

“ Thank you so much for such interesting courses! At the moment I am working, the courses I have taken have helped me in my work, taught me new sales principles, approach and management. once again, many thanks for the opportunity to study on the coursera platform!”

Anzhelika К.

“I would highly recommend the course to those who have no background in Data Science. I started without any knowledge about Python and upgraded it with the help of this course. Videos are short and informative. Assignments are short and related to the videos discussed before. It's easy to finish the course before deadlines.” (Foundations of Data Science: K-Means Clustering in Python)

Raushan U.

“I was able to significantly expand my qualifications in an interesting and necessary for me specialty.”

Nazar I.