30.04.2021: Smart City Accelerator launches in Almaty

Astana Hub, together with the Almay city Department of Digitalization, is launching an acceleration program for startups in order to introduce innovative and digital solutions to the work of city services under the «Smart City» concept.

The programme is aimed to support startups that can significantly affect the development of the city's infrastructure and conducts recruitment in the following areas:

  • Security;
  • Housing and public utilities;
  • Health;
  • Tourism;
  • Informatization;
  • Education;
  • Transport;
  • City Management/Home Management;
  • Ecology;
  • Power engineering;
  • Building.

The most promising and ready-to-implement projects can count on a mutually beneficial offer from the Administration of Almaty city.

Ready to change the city for the better? You should have to apply now.

Start of application acceptance: from April 28 to June 30

Duration of the programme: July 25 to October 25 (3 months)

Registration link: astanahub.com