14.12.22: "NeuroChat" enables people with speech disorders communicate with external world


In 2021 Almaty city Department of Digitalization conducted a selection round of Moscow Innovation Agency’s projects for possible implementation at various sites in Almaty. 

One of chosen projects, “Neuro-communication and neuro-training system based on brain‑computer interface technology”, is aimed at creating communication tools for patients with severe speech and movement disorders. For such patients, the opportunity to communicate with external world is a huge breakthrough for their socialization.

“NeuroChat” is a communication hardware and software complex designed for people with severe speech and movement disorders based on brain–computer interface technology. The solution comprises of a neuro headset and a program installed on the user's computer, with a special interface for displaying text, and allows a patient communicate via Internet without voice and movement. The novelty of the project is the opportunity for network communication of patients among themselves, with medical staff, loved ones and the whole world.

A pilot project of “Neurochat” was deployed at renovated Alatau Social Services Center under Almaty city Department of Employment and Social Programs.

How it works: a user concentrates on a desired symbol of the virtual keyboard, then makes a mental choice of the object. So, letter by letter or choosing ready-made words, a person is able to ‘print’ whole sentences, that contributes to the development of mental functions. It should be noted that admission to "NeuroChat" is given only to those patients who have no contraindications.

As part of ‘City Without Fringes’ concept, “NeuroChat” project provides a walking-distance opportunity for social adaptation of patients with speech disorders. Also, together with Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Mental Health under Ministry of Health of The Republic of Kazakhstan, a set of initiatives will be worked out to conduct research on treatment methods to address diseases associated with speech disorders.