21 May 2020: international online lesson for school children from five countries

Department of Digitalization in partnership with 54th Almaty lyceum and Microsoft ran an international online lesson with participation of schoolchildren from Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan. Digital technologies erase the boundaries, helping children of different nationalities get to know each other and understand various cultures and customs. Representing their countries, schoolchildrencommunicated freely in English, but, more importantly, demonstrated knowledge of modern technologies like Microsoft Teams, ability to work in a team and conduct an equal dialogue with companionson a distance.

Project partners intend to gradually transfer 260,000 students of 205 Almaty schools and 25.7 thousand teachers and administrative school staff to a single digital platform of Microsoft applications for education. In nine technical lyceums of Almaty, five disciplines will be taught using the video game Minecraft: Education Edition, which helps through gamification increase children’s interest in studying natural sciences and instill programming skills.