Almaty GPS Data

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Almaty Akimat in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Habidatum publishes an interactive public map reflecting changes in urban mobility in Almaty city during the COVID-19 period. The goal is to increase public awareness and participation in urban development issues and to promote spatial analytics tools to wider audience.

The data and its analysis is useful both for city authorities and business leaders to make data-driven decisions and set up operational activities accordingly. City residents can also use the map to monitor and analyze daily activities at the level of their district or the entire city, knowing the patterns that have developed during the analyzed period.

During COVID-19 pandemic relationship of citizens with public spaces has changed dramatically. Reports developed on the basis of the interactive map and data analysis can be used to prepare analytics on infrastructure development, that forms the foundation for sustainable development of the city.

Almaty Mobility Monitor public interface is based on aggregated GPS data collected from mobile applications of citizens, who agreed to share the information about their geolocation. The data is collected by data brokers using software combining GPS signals, Wi-Fi connections and cellular signals.

GPS data has a unique level of detalization in space (accurate to geolocation) and is continuous in time. The main advantage of GPS is the global character, which makes it possible to compare cities and countries with each other. The processing of GPS data for mobility monitor adheres to all relevant privacy standards. For the public interface, only aggregated data is used, which guarantees anonymity -– the data cannot be identified, even when compared with other datasets. The service provides access to aggregated data only, that ensures its security.