Project «Formation of the IT architecture of Almaty city»

Start of work:
july of 2020
Project launch:
febuary of 2021
Under implementation

Project goals:

Defining the current state of digitalization and focusing on solving current problems.

Objectives of the project:

Focus on IT solutions that are needed to improve traditional forms of interaction between the population, business and the state.

Currently, the work on the development of the IT architecture of the akimat of Almaty has been completed. This work was carried out jointly with the Service Integrator of "electronic government" (Zerde Holding), which is defined as the contractor for the development of IT architecture within the framework of current legislation in the field of informatization.

An extensive inventory of information systems has been completed, which made it possible to comprehensively assess the current situation of the level of digitalization of various areas of the city. Based on the information received, a comprehensive analysis will be carried out and priorities for further development of digitalization in Almaty will be set.

Various models of activity, IT infrastructure, information systems, data, integrations, etc. developed by Zerde Holding have been approved.

As part of the formation of the target state of the IT architecture, the ways of further development of various areas and implementation of components of the “SmartCity” technology platform were determined and a list of priority projects was formed