Set Up of a Unified Aggregated Database with History of COVID-19 Distribution and Recording of Undertaken Measures

Start of work:
Project launch:

Monitor COVID-19 infection level in Almaty city 

Control over undertaken measures to counteract spread of coronavirus infection  

A unified aggregated database on spread of COVID-19 cases and response measures allows city authorities to quickly assess the current situation and take appropriate management decisions. Aggregated data includes: 

  • Number of detected new cases of coronavirus infection
  • Dynamics of COVID-19 tests taken 
  • Overall number of tested in Almaty city 
  • Number of tested medical personnel 
  • Availability of beds in infectious diseases hospitals, dispensaries and quarantine centers 
  • General summary of people contacted and those in home quarantine
  • Dynamics of COVID-19 spread by days 
  • Centers of COVID-19 infection in Almaty