Unified duty-dispatch service ‘UDDS-112’

Start of work:
first half of 2020
Project launch:
second half of 2021
Under implementation

Project goals:

Organization of the single information space for the interaction of all participants in the process:

•    prompt acceptance, registration, processing and sending to appropriate service of requests received from individuals and legal entities for operational management of forces and means;
•    coordination of actions of services and units for rapid response to crimes, accidents, critical situations, emergency ambulance, natural disasters and other emergencies;
•    development and implementation of management decisions in the event of an emergency.

Objectives of the project:

•    receiving messages from residents and organizations about any incidents that carry information about threat or fact of occurrence of emergency and emergency situations, as well as technological violations at the life support facilities of Almaty city.
•    provision of information on emergency and planned works in the life support system of Almaty city upon request.
•    organization of interaction of duty and dispatching services of enterprises and organizations that provide heat, gas, electricity, and water supply to the city of Almaty.
•    coordination of work-on-duty and dispatching life support services.
•    creating a unified information space.

One of the main indicators of effective work to protect Almaty citizens, territories and objects in emergency situations (accidents) is timely actions of emergency operational services. Reducing the time of rapid response is the reason of reduction in number of deaths and injuries and reduce overall material damage.

The most effective method that provides increased readiness to perform tasks of protecting residents and territories is the creation and implementation of the Unified Duty Dispatch Service (UDDS).

The creation of the UDDS-112 information system will solve many problems of emergency situations: it will increase confidence of citizens, create relief of dispatching emergency response services from false, reference, repeated and non-core calls, ensure well-coordinated interaction of all services, reduce time of joint response to incidents.

The project in its initial stage unites operators of emergency call centers 101, 102, 103 while preserving services in Operational Control Centers. The organization of a unified reception of emergency appeals of citizens is aimed at effective coordination of interaction of services on the basis of regulations for working out emergency cases.

Currently, the reconstruction of the building on Auezova, 82, where UDDS-112 will be located, is underway. Work is underway to prepare technical documentation.